How to use your barcode

If you order a “Barcode Package” from our company you’ll receive an email from us with your retail barcode in it (the email will contain your barcode number; barcode images; and a guarantee certificate). Once you have your barcode you can begin using it easily and immediately by following the simple steps below.

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1. Insert the barcode image into the design for your product label/packaging

Choose whichever barcode image format you prefer (e.g. jpeg). Resize the barcode image (if necessary) so that it fits onto your product label or packaging (however don’t reduce the width of your barcode to less than 30mm, and be aware of the officially recommended ‘Barcode Specifications‘). You can then insert the barcode into your product label/packaging (in a flat location, to make scanning the barcode easier).

2. Print your label/packaging

After that you can get your packaging or label printed, with the barcode image on it (we suggest you do print a sample first to check that the barcode image prints and scans correctly, before printing all of your labels/packaging).

3. Send your product to your retailers

When your packaging/labels have been printed (with the barcodes on them) you can then send the products into your retailers. Your retailers will connect the barcode number and product information together in their system. After that, whenever the barcode is scanned, your product information will appear on the retailer’s screen. At any time before or after this process, you can register your barcode.

4. Register your barcode number

If you purchased a “Barcode Package” from us, then you can register your barcode number and product details on the International Barcodes Database. To register your barcode number, please go to . Barcode registration is optional. However, it will increase the profile of your product on the internet.


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